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Premium Reduction Strategies

One of the major inequities in the workers’ compensation is that good performing businesses have to subsidize unsafe, under performing workplaces. We specialize in premium reduction strategies that can result in huge savings to our clients. Our strategies include insurance policy restructure, insurer/agent selection reviews, agent performance benchmarking, industry rating reviews and claims management procedures to enable our clients to be active in the decision process to ensure only valid claims are accepted by your insurer. 

OHS Management System Design & Implementation

LKA is experienced in reviewing existing OHS Management Systems to determine whether the system is adequate for our client’s risk profile. Once we have conducted our gap analysis we can advise on cost effective solutions for workplace safety and also, where appropriate,  implement processes and procedures based on AS4801 or SafetyMAP. The paths to certification are never easy but we can develop change management strategies that make the improvements work for you over the long term. The benefits to our clients from having a workable occupational health and safety system is through decreased injury risks, increased production through less days lost due to injury and savings through insurance premium reductions.

Environmental Management System Design & Implementation

Environmental management systems (EMS) provide businesses with a structured means of managing all their environmental impacts. An EMS can be the first step for a business to take towards environmental improvement, as it enables organisations to benchmark their environmental performance, and then regularly evaluate their performance and improvement. LKA’s team of experienced assessors can not only implement a robust and easily understood EMS but also ensure that it complies with the internationally recognized standard ISO 14001. An Environmental Management System will give businesses a competitive edge as we move forward into a more “greener” age.

Workplace Behavioral & Dispute Resolution

Many businesses and government departments resolved workplace disputes and difficulties through the involvement of external consultants. LKA Group has extensive experience in investigation such workplace problems as bullying and harassment, Internal discipline and dispute resolution. We also provide proactive measures to investigate, resolve and manage stress claims at an early stage.

Risk Assessment & Control Solutions

LKA Corporate and Risk Services specialize in enterprise wide risk management based on the internationally recognized Australian Standard 4360:2004.

We not only conduct initial hazard/risk identification and assessments but we also implement cost effective, best practice risk controls. We take the long term view by implementing the right processes and monitoring strategies to ensure any residual risk is contained. We will review your policies and procedures and advise you on the right approaches to emergency response systems, business interruption, crisis management and environmental risk controls which will be imbedded in your long term risk management framework. The culture shift in your organization to risk management is designed not only to reduce risk on a permanent basis but will lead to increase productivity and cost savings.

Workplace Training Services

In 2003 LKA Group developed our own Registered Training Organisation, GAP Training Solutions.  Our qualified workplace trainers and assessors provide a number of key training courses and programs covering a broad range of subjects. Our training, optionally provided at the client’s workplace, includes manual handling, OHS & environmental hazard identification & workplace inspection/risk assessment, contractor induction packages, accident/incident investigation and the five-day OHS Representative Course. 

Service Provider Review

Unless you are an expert it is almost impossible to know if you are using the right people to support your risk management framework and workers’ compensation system. We are experienced in evaluating service providers against set criteria to ensure you have maximum impact in areas such as return to work coordination, injury management, legal services, investigation services and of course, workers’ compensation insurers.

Our client’s long term interest and savings is paramount in the decision making process in our service provider reviews.

Claims Management

We help our Clients take some control over the claims process and not have the insurer accept suspect or disputable claims that inevitably lead to larger premiums, extra administration costs and possible future liabilities.

We will oversee claims on your behalf and meet with your insurer at appropriate intervals to ensure your claims are getting the appropriate treatment. The process starts with an initial review of claims currently held by your insurer and we will then meet with your insurer to develop the right approach to minimize on-going claims exposure. Our services even extend to assisting your insurer with our service teams who are experienced in common law investigations and surveillance.  Once we have established the right procedures the claims process will be streamlined and this will lead to net savings through reduced management and administrative input.  Importantly, the decision making function returns to the employer.

Workplace Injury Management

The OH&S industry understands the importance of proactive rehabilitation by the introduction of an early intervention model in place to get workers healthy again and help prevent long term claims. LKA assists businesses in this by implementing the processes and procedure for early injury intervention and using our contacts to ensure your business has access to the best health care professionals who are experienced in this area.

Security Risk Management

We provide personal and business protection to a range of public and private sector clients both Australia and World-wide.  The foundations of client satisfaction are built on delivering value, best practice and accountability through agreed performance outcomes, opportunity to innovate and disciplined project management. We constantly benchmark ourselves against ‘high performance' industry practices.

Our proactive solutions minimise threats and risks that are balanced against an organisation's tolerance to risk and need for an efficient return on investment. This reduces the impact, cost and reliance on post-event reactive strategies.

Solutions are aligned with an organisation's governance framework, structure, strategic intent, systems, resources and capabilities to protect people, assets, operations, infrastructure and reputation.

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